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BACKLAND Sprinter Van
22mm Wheel Spacers

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Backland E.G 15mm and 22mm hub-centric wheel spacers are the perfect accessory for widening your 2WD and 4×4 Sprinter 2500’s wheel track, whether it’s to improve on/off-road stability or fit larger all-terrain tires.  The load of a wheel should always be carried on the hub and not the lug bolts.

Lug bolts are only designed to hold the wheel to the vehicle and are not designed to support the weight of the vehicle. For this reason, Backland E.G uses a hub-centric design that allows the load to be carried by the hub. This is the only type of wheel spacer we manufacture because your safety is so important.

Our kit includes 24 black splined bolts (we don’t believe in stud conversion) compatible with aftermarket wheels and one key. These spacers may not pass certification in all provinces or states. Backland E.G therefore, recommends that you check your local laws and regulations and have your vehicle professionally inspected and certified for on-road use in your area.

What is included in the box:
• 4 Wheel Spacers
• Bolts
• Bolt Key
• Alignment Tool

What It’s Made of:
• Aluminium Material, Machined of Solid Billet Aluminium


Made in Alberta, Canada

DISCLAIMER: wheel spacer/adapter components are intended exclusively to use with non-standard wheels in order to bring the wheel/steering geometry back to the value as stated by the vehicle manufacturer. These products may not pass certification in all provinces or states. Use torque value as recommended by the wheel manufacturer. DO NOT OVER TORQUE. Wheels must be professionally checked and re-torqued after 100Km (60miles) and 1000Km (6000miles).
All liability in the installation and use of these components and parts are at your own risk.

Reach out to us for a shipping quote or one will be calculated for you after making a purchase.