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AM Auto

AM Auto Back Door Window - Ford Transit 2015+

AM Auto Back Door Window - Ford Transit 2015+

Boost Your Transit's Functionality: Discover the AM Auto Ford Transit Back Door Window

Step up your van game with the AM Auto window, designed exclusively for both your Ford Transit Van. More than just a visual enhancement, this window transforms your driving and allows you to wake up to spectacular views right from your bed, enriching your living experience inside the van. 

Experience the AM Auto Window Advantages:

  • Drive with Confidence: The improved visibility lets you navigate tight spaces or reverse with significant ease and safety.
  • Illuminate Naturally: Let sunlight pour into your van, creating a luminous and inviting atmosphere.
  • Safety Takes Front Seat: Clearer sightlines don't just elevate aesthetics; they help you drive safer.

Key Details to Remember:

  • The window doesn't come with a defrost option.
  • This window is compatible with cargo van doors or as a replacement for rear windows without rear wipers. 

We Ship Promptly: After you place an order, we get to work right away. We usually dispatch your Ford Transit back door window within a quick 3-5 business day period. Enjoy enhanced visibility and style for your Transit!

We ship to all locations across Canada 🇨🇦 


What is included in the box:

What it’s made of:


$395.00 CAD
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