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ClimateCore Insulated PODS Sprinter 170 Extended Depth

ClimateCore Insulated PODS Sprinter 170 Extended Depth

Supercharge Your Van Life with ClimateCore: The Ultimate Sprinter Insulation Solution

Enhance your road adventures, maximize your interior space by sleeping sideways with our ClimateCore PODS, our innovative leap in Sprinter insulation. These pods don't merely enhance your travels; they fundamentally transform your rest. Equipped with an exceptional R5 Insulation Value, they're thoughtfully designed to keep you snug against the cold and comfortably cool during the hottest night.

If you could insulate just one area of your van, which would it be? The answer often lies where comfort is most crucial. Our ClimateCore PODS dramatically transform your Sprinter's sleeping area into a sanctuary of relaxation. As a result, they elevate not just your sleep but your entire on-the-road experience. Why compromise when your van can become an oasis of comfort? Choose ClimateCore and redefine your travel experience.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Insulation: Boasting an R5 Insulation Value, the pods ensure optimal temperature control, keeping you cozy or cool as needed.
  • Extended Sleeping Space: Moreover, our fiberglass Pods serve as window extensions, expanding your van's width and allowing for an 82” long, more comfortable bed.
  • Versatile Window Options: If you choose to add one or two windows they can accommodate windows up to 33" x 15", with easy jigsaw cutouts, enhancing your view and ventilation (note: not compatible with AMA Slider Window 40" x 15”).
  • Customizable Comfort: Furthermore, opt for additional cutouts and installations to tailor the pods to your Sprinter insulation needs.
  • Paint-Ready: The specifically formulated gel coat is used as a sanding substrate that will be subsequently painted, providing a seamless finish.

With our ClimateCore PODS, you're not merely insulating your Sprinter; you're investing in a vastly superior travel experience. Prepare to transform your van into a year-round retreat, where each journey becomes as comforting as the destination itself. Opt for ClimateCore and take a significant step to redefine comfort on the road.

Please note:

  • The exterior requires a coat of paint, bed liner, or vinyl wrap to shield against UV damage.
  •  Not compatible with AMA Slider Window 40" x 15”

Choose between DIY finish, INDY coated or custom painted to match your vehicle, for an hassle free, ready to install product.

DYK: we can cut the opening for your window in the pods? Or even better, we can install the windows in your PODS before shipping!  

Please note: Our ClimateCore PODS are designed for Sprinter vans from 2007 to current models.

This item generally ships within 3-5 business days for DIY finish. All customized item generally ships within 2 weeks. 

Handmade in Alberta, Canada

We ship to all locations across Canada 🇨🇦 and the USA 🇺🇸 

What is included in the box:

• 1 Set of Pods (2 Pods Included)
• Adhesive
• Primer Sticks

What it’s made of:

• 3/4" (20mm) Thick - The wall of our ClimateCore PODS features 2 layers of fibreglass with an embedded rigid foam insulation with high thermal properties. We engineered our PODS to provide maximum space while maintaining ultimate comfort. And as a side benefit, your rig will look great!


32lbs (as a set)


• R5 Level Insulated Fibreglass

Installation Video:

$2,245.00 CAD

(Includes 2 PODS - Inside 77”)

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Two depth options

  • Sprinter 170 - Regular Depth

    The Regular Depth Pod set will give you a 77” (195cm) long bed

  • Sprinter 170 - Extended Depth

    The Extended Depth Pod set will give you an 82″ (208cm) long bed.

Protection & Colour Options

  • DIY Finish (No Protection)

    Choose this option only if you will be finishing the POD yourself. The Backland ClimateCore PODS must be finished with either paint, vinyl wrap or bed liner. Backland provides all of these options, including a Mercedes colour match.

  • Colour Match Paint

    Choose this option to have your Backland ClimateCore PODS painted to match your Mercedes factory paint. We can also provide custom colours upon request.

    (Note: Because paint changes over time, we cannot guarantee a perfect colour match)

  • Full INDY Protection: Entire Exterior

    Our most popular choice! Choose this option to have our trademark black urethane INDY protective coating applied to the entire exterior of your PODS for a great off-road look. This finish offers unmatched protection, requires very little maintenance, and costs less!

  • Colour Match Paint + Stone INDY Protection

    Choose this option to provide the best protection of your ClimateCore PODS with a beautiful colour match finish. This option includes INDY coating on the front and bottom, protecting the extended surface from rock chips. It is then painted with a colour match paint specially formulated for this application.

Insulation done right

  • 3/4" (19mm) Thick

    The wall of our ClimateCore PODS features 2 layers of fibreglass with an embedded rigid foam insulation with high thermal properties. We engineered our PODS to provide maximum space while maintaining ultimate comfort. And as a side benefit, your rig will look great!

  • Why Choose Backland’s ClimateCore Insulated PODS?

    To ensure a restful night's sleep, we make every effort to insulate our Vans meticulously, shielding them from both cold and heat. Why would you jeopardize the insulation of the area where you sleep in your van? Opt for our ClimateCore PODS for unparalleled comfort.

  • Superior Insulation Protection

    The material embedded in our ClimateCore PODS is constructed from closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core re-enforced and bonded on each side to coated glass fibers which delivers a whopping R5 insulation rating.

Installed in a breeze by...

  • Our Shop

    Free your mind and leave the job to the pros if you live in the Okotoks, AB area.

  • DIY

    If you're handy, you can do it yourself in a few minutes. Not sure of some details? Give us a call!

    Installation Video 
  • Your Van Fitter

    Already have your trusted van fitter? No problem, we can have the pods sent directly to your shop.