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Installation: Maxxair Fan

Installation: Maxxair Fan

Efficient Maxxair Installation for Your Van Roof Panel

Transform your van with our Maxxair installation service, specifically tailored for van roof panels. Our process is straightforward and efficient, ensuring a seamless integration of the Maxxair Fan into your vehicle.

Key Steps:

  • Panel Modification: We start by precisely cutting and bonding the van roof panel for the Maxxair Fan installation.
  • Base Installation: Next, we focus on mounting the fan onto the roof panel securely. This step forms the foundation of the installation process.
  • Electrical Work Exclusion: Please note, the base installation does not cover electrical work. We do not connect the fan to your Sprinter van's power source as part of this basic service.
  • Custom Power Connection: Due to the varied power source configurations in Sprinter vans, connecting to the battery is not included in the base install price. For a full setup, including battery connection, we offer additional services on an hourly basis.

Choose our service for a hassle-free Maxxair installation. We ensure that your fan is installed correctly without compromising on the functionality of your van. With our skilled approach, your Maxxair fan will be ready to enhance your van life experience in no time.

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