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Backland Expedition Gear

Tie-Down Ratchet Strap with Carabiner

Tie-Down Ratchet Strap with Carabiner

Tie-Down Ratchet Strap with Carabiner - the perfect tool for taking your Sprinter Van or to the next level!

This Tie-Down Ratchet Strap with Carabiner was designed to perfectly suit our IBEX ladder system and Ox Box, making carrying equipment a breeze. Use it with the IBEX Ladder utility shelves to easily transport paddle boards, surf boards, and even plywood for your van build! It can also securely hold firewood and generators on the Ox Box. This versatile tool streamlines your transport process and simplifies your outdoor adventures with ease!


Key Features:

  • Multipurpose: The Tie-Down Ratchet Strap can be used on the IBEX Ladder and Utility Bar, as well as on OX Box and much more. 
  • Easy to use: Its retractable design allows for simple winding with just the touch of a button, and the Black Diamond Carabiner ensures a secure attachment.
  • Seamless Integration: Complements the OX Box and IBEX Ladder, adding functionality.
  • Easy Access to Gear: Quick and effortless securing and retrieval of items.

Why the Tie-Down Ratchet Strap?

    Combined with other BACKLAND's items these will transform your Van into a world of endless storage possibility and convenience. Now you will be able to effortlessly secure your belongings onto your van to quickly embark on thrilling journeys with confidence.

    Experience the ultimate in organization and preparedness with our powerful and reliable Tie-Down straps.

    Additional information:

    Dimensions: Non-Ratcheting End: Approximately 7"
    Material: Polyester
    Capacity: Estimated Working Load Limit: 400 lbs
    Carabiner Strength cross-loaded: 7KN

    This item generally ships within 3-5 business days

    We ship to all locations across Canada 🇨🇦 and the USA 🇺🇸

    $65.00 CAD
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