Family Adventures in the Backcountry: Skiing at Chester Lake with the Kids

Family Adventures in the Backcountry: Skiing at Chester Lake with the Kids

A Family Favorite: Chester Lake for Backcountry Skiing with Kids


Chester Lake, situated in the breathtaking Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, has become our top choice for backcountry skiing with kids. It's our little slice of heaven, offering an easy climb to a scenic meadow and lake - the perfect spot for a lunch break with hot chocolate and treats. The descent is always a fun and easy journey, ideal for our family's skiing adventures.



Early Start: Skiing with Kids

Skiing has been a part of our kids' lives since they were very young. Our youngest started at 6 months old, nestled in a baby carrier, giggling joyously on the downhill runs. My partner is a super-dad, towing both children uphill with harnesses and ropes. Now, at the age of 10, our eldest confidently skis with his gear, while his brother continues to learn and improve. Our dog joins in too, loving every moment of running downhill alongside us, making it a true family affair.



Gear Up: Preparation Is Key

When it comes to skiing with kids, preparation is crucial. For a successful family ski trip, here’s what we always bring along:

  • Warm Clothing: Essential for staying comfortable in the cold.
  • One-Piece Snowsuits for Toddlers: Keeping the little ones warm and cozy.
  • Backcountry Safety Gear: Including a survival kit, emergency sleeping bag, and Garmin for navigation. Click here to see the Garmin model that we use.
  • Extra Mittens and Jackets: To prepare for any sudden weather changes. or wet gear.
  • Hand warmers: A real necessity for keeping the kids hands and feet warm!
  • Lights: Crucial for those longer-than-planned trips.
  • Snacks and Hot Chocolate: A must-have for keeping everyone's spirits up and energy high.
  • Helinox Chairs: For comfortable rest stops, especially useful if you have a child that is nursing. Find it here.
  • Diesel Heater in Our Van: Provides a warm space for dressing and relaxing post-adventure. Find what we use to stay warm here.




Reflections: Our Recharging Retreat 

One of the trip's highlights is witnessing the children's growing appreciation for nature. These experiences have helped them appreciate nature and the importance of doing hard things. It’s in these moments that they learn resilience and gain confidence.


Kid carrying skis across a river while backcountry skiing.


These trips are more than just outings; they're the times when our family feels most connected. They're our way of recharging before returning to the hustle of school and work life. After each trip, the kids eagerly anticipate the next adventure. They've come to see the outdoors as a second home, a place where hard work meets joy and accomplishment. As they grow older, the challenges increase, but so does their pride in conquering their personal mountains.

Family Skiing: More Than Just a Sport

Our backcountry skiing trips are more than a family hobby; they're a way of life. They teach us about hard work, the value of fresh mountain air, and the irreplaceable feeling of accomplishment. And as we prepare for each trip, loading our gear into the van, we know we're not just heading out for a day of skiing. We're nurturing a love for the outdoors, a respect for hard work, and the joy of shared achievements.


So, to other families thinking of venturing into the mountains, I say: GO FOR IT! Let your kids feel the rush of the wind, the challenge of the climb, and the triumph of the descent. It's in these moments that they learn invaluable lessons about life, hard work, and the joy of the great outdoors. Having fun should be the primary goal, not reaching the  top. Plan for plenty of breaks, laughter, and don't rush to reach the peak. These trips are our best times, the moments when our family feels most connected.

Remember, the mountains are calling, and we must go!


                                                                                         - Melissa, Co-founder

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