Ultimate Ski & Snowboard Adventures and Storage Solutions For Your Sprinter

Ultimate Ski & Snowboard Adventures and Storage Solutions For Your Sprinter

Imagine transforming your Sprinter van into the ultimate winter sports retreat for your snowboarding escapades. At Backland E.G, we're passionate about snowboarding and skiing. So, we have crafted the perfect Sprinter van storage solutions to enhance your snowy adventures. Discover how our innovative OX Rear Door Carrier and OX Ski & Board Box can enhance your trips to the snowy hills of Alberta and BC. 

Maximizing Snowboard Storage in Your Sprinter Van with the OX Ski & Board Box

For snowboarding enthusiasts with a Sprinter van, the OX Ski & Board Box is a game-changer in snowboard storage solutions. This ingenious addition from our OX lineup is designed to significantly upgrade your storage capabilities, making every trip to the slopes more organized and enjoyable.

Why the OX Ski & Board Box is Essential:

  • Expansive Storage: It provides abundant space for your snowboards, skis, and other winter gear, ensuring everything is securely and neatly stored.
  • Durability and Security: The box is not only robust, built for longevity, but also lockable, offering an extra layer of security for your valuable equipment.
  • Swift and Easy Access: With its thoughtful design, accessing your gear is quick and effortless, perfect when you’re eager to hit the slopes.
  • Weather-Proof and Moisture-Free: Its weatherproofing features, including a sturdy seal, protect your gear from the elements, while the rubber bottom keeps contents stable and reduces movement.
  • Sleek Integration: The box doesn't just add functionality; it enhances your van's aesthetic with its sleek design.

In addition, pairing the OX Ski & Board Box with the OX Rear Door Carrier elevates your storage solution. While the Carrier offers additional space and easy access, the Ski & Board Box transforms into a practical flat surface, ideal for tuning your skis and boards right at the back of your van. This combination makes your Sprinter van a fully-equipped, efficient mobile base for all your snowboarding adventures, keeping you organized and ready for the slopes at all times.

Our Top Ski Resort and Campground Picks for Winter Adventures


  • Lake Louise Ski Resort: Combines breathtaking slopes with the convenience of Lake Louise Campground nearby. A top choice for those who love both skiing and scenic beauty.
  • Nakiska Ski Resort: Family-friendly with a welcoming atmosphere, close to Kananaskis Lodge and Nordic Spa. The nearby Mount Kidd Campground offers power and warm showers. Plus, the area is also perfect for ski touring.
  • Kicking Horse Ski Resort: Our absolute favorite and the ultimate destination for advanced skiers. It offers challenging terrains that promise an adrenaline-fueled experience we simply can't get enough of. The thrill and challenge here are unmatched, making it a top choice for those who love to push their limits.
  • Castle Mountain Resort: A lesser-known gem with a welcoming community vibe and excellent terrain. It's rumored that you can stay overnight in the parking lot, although we haven't tested this ourselves - yet. The resort also offers a campground at the base of the hill for a more traditional stay.

Special Mention: Banff Tunnel Mountain Campground

While not a ski hill, this year-round campground provides shuttle services to several ski resorts, including Norquay and Sunshine. It's an excellent spot for ski touring and enjoying great food, making it a favored base for winter sports enthusiasts.

Post-Slope Relaxation: Create a Modern Alpine Retreat

After conquering the slopes, your Sprinter van becomes a modern, cozy retreat. Picture yourself under your Fiamma awning with snowflakes falling around as you bask in the warmth of a fire. This is the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and van life comfort.

Features of Your Alpine Retreat:

  • Fiamma Awning: Provides a contemporary outdoor living space.
  • Propane Fire: Enjoy warmth and style under the awning. Perfect for unwinding with your favorite drink.
  • Comfortable Bedding: Essential for recovery and relaxation.
  • Entertainment Zone: A compact TV or projector inside your van offers perfect relaxation.

    Innovative Après-Ski Idea: The DIY Hot Tub Experience

    Get creative on your ski trip with a DIY hot tub next to your Sprinter van. It's the perfect way to unwind after hitting the slopes. We're intrigued by this unique idea and are eager to try it out. Inspired by this cool YouTube video, we envision a simple yet innovative setup.

    This isn't just about warming up; it's about adding a novel and luxurious twist to your après-ski routine. It's a fun experiment that combines the rustic charm of outdoor living with a touch of comfort.

    We haven't tested this ourselves yet, but it’s high on our list of adventurous van life experiences. If you’ve ever tried something similar or plan to, we’d love to hear from you. Visit us at Backland E.G in Southern Alberta and let’s share innovative ideas to elevate our van life adventures!

    Visit Us at Backland E.G in Southern Alberta


    If you're adventuring through Southern Alberta, Simon and Melissa, the enthusiastic owners of Backland E.G, eagerly await your visit! We're not just business owners; we're avid outdoor enthusiasts excited to meet fellow snowboarders and van life aficionados.  Whether you're looking for storage solutions like the OX Ski and Board Box, or just want to share your exhilarating snowboarding stories, our doors are open. We're all about sharing thrilling snowboarding stories and practical tips to make your Sprinter van the ultimate companion for winter escapades. So, come on by, let's exchange tales and tips, and immerse ourselves in the shared joy of snowboarding and van living! 

    The Ultimate Ski and Snowboard Van Life Experience

    Embracing the ski and snowboard van life is not just about thrilling mountain escapades; it’s also about merging these exhilarating experiences with the snug comfort of a home on wheels. By equipping your Mercedes Sprinter van with our adaptable OX Line, you're transforming it into more than a vehicle for unforgettable snow adventures. Furthermore, you're ensuring a cozy retreat under the stars. Whether you're gliding down snowy slopes or unwinding in your mobile haven, your van becomes an essential part of an extraordinary winter journey. So, are you ready to take this exciting step? Let's together embark on a journey where breathtaking snow adventures blend seamlessly with the tranquility and comfort of van life! 

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