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EAGLE Series Roof Rack The Nest Sprinter 170

EAGLE Series Roof Rack The Nest Sprinter 170

Maximize Your Sprinter's Capabilities with Our Nest Roof Rack

Boost your Sprinter's capabilities with our Nest Roof Rack, the ideal solution for your Sprinter van roof rack needs. Designed for both 144 and 170 wheelbase models, this rack is the widest in our series, making it perfect for installing wide solar panels.

Key Features:

  • Wide Design: Ideal for large solar panel installation, enhancing energy efficiency on the go.
  • Walkable Surface: Constructed to support reasonable foot traffic, it's both light and sturdy, maximizing your van's usability.
  • Storage Space Maximization: Moreover, this roof rack increases your Sprinter's storage capacity, enabling you to carry more gear and equipment.
  • Optional Front Overhang: An additional feature that enables the mounting of off-road lights up to 9” in diameter, enhancing visibility for your adventures.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Additionally, it features a curved front that complements the lines of 07-23 Sprinter vans.
  • Spacious Interior: Offers an interior width of 147 cm (59"), providing ample space for your needs.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with 6000 Series Aluminum 1.66” tubing and perforated decking, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Customizable Options: Includes one roof vent cutout, with the flexibility to add a second cutout for A/C units or other specific needs.
  • Complete Mounting Hardware: We provide all the necessary stainless steel and mounting hardware for installation.

Handcrafted with precision in Alberta, Canada, the Nest Roof Rack is an essential upgrade for your Sprinter van. It enhances your van's utility and aesthetics significantly. Moreover, it boasts a flexible design to meet your specific travel needs.  So, choose our Nest Roof Rack for a seamless, functional, and stylish addition to your Sprinter van roof rack setup.

Please note: Requires that your Sprinter is equipped with roof rails.  

Handcrafted with dedication in Alberta, Canada. Equip your van with the Nest F45s Sprinter roof rack and elevate its functionality and style!

Roof Rack stock varies. Please contact us to know what we have in stock.

If the roof rack is made to order, it will generally be ready within 4-6 weeks.

Handmade in Alberta, Canada

We ship to all locations across Canada 🇨🇦 and the USA 🇺🇸

What is included in the box:

• 1 Roof Rack
• All Necessary Hardware (bolts, etc.)

What it’s made of:

• 6000 Series Aluminium


Approx. 175lbs

$5,243.00 USD
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