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IBEX Series Side Ladder Winnebago REVEL - Steel

IBEX Series Side Ladder Winnebago REVEL - Steel

Step Up Your Winnebago Revel: The IBEX Side Ladder

Own a Winnebago Revel? Then our IBEX side ladder is your next must-have. Not only does it make reaching your solar panels safe and straightforward, but it also fits seamlessly with your Revel's roof rack. Positioned between the side window and the cassette toilet service door, this ladder is the perfect complement to your Revel.

Climbing with Ease:

  • Tailor-Made for Revel: Custom-designed to boost your van's look and utility without compromising on style or function.
  • Installation Made Simple: Comes complete with four roof rail inserts, allowing for a hassle-free setup and sparing you the trouble of dismantling your roof setup.
  • Step Compatibility: Our ladder is built to work with any steps, including the standard ones on your Revel

Durability Meets Design:

  • Robust and Agile: Constructed from tough yet lightweight steel, ensuring durability and easy handling.
  • INDY Coating Protection: Each ladder receives our exclusive INDY Protective Coating for ultimate rust protection and a slip-resistant finish.
  • Solid Mounting: Fastens securely to your roof rails with robust rivnuts, providing a dependable climb every time.

Choose the IBEX side ladder for your Winnebago Revel and enhance the functionality of your adventurous lifestyle.  It's more than just a ladder; it's a reliable upgrade, ensuring your solar panels are always within reach, your roof rack is accessible, and your travels are easier. So, embrace the journey with confidence, knowing you have the best in class for your Winnebago Revel.

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Handmade in Alberta, Canada

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$968.00 USD
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Product Details

What is included in the box:

• 1 Ladder
• All necessary Hardware (Bolts Etc.)

What it’s made of:

• Steel


30lbs (Steel)

Installation Guide & Video: