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OX Tire Carrier

OX Tire Carrier

Introducing the OX Tire Carrier: The Ultimate Solution for Sprinter Rear Door Spare Tire Mount Solutions

Boost your Sprinter van’s functionality with the OX Tire Carrier, expertly designed for those who prioritize convenience and efficiency. This carrier repositions your spare tire to the back of the van on either the driver, passenger’s side or both, providing easy access. This is especially beneficial for larger tires that don’t fit underneath.

Key Features: 

  • Rear Door Mounting: Attaches seamlessly to the OX Rear Door Carrier, ensuring a secure and stable placement. Can be mounted anywhere on the carrier, even covering the door handle, thanks to our innovative door handle bracket.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Offers easier access to your spare tire in case of a flat.
  • Perfect for Larger Tires: Designed to accommodate larger tires that typically won’t fit under the van. From the stock size to a 35” tire. Compatible with dually wheels (3500).
  • Additional Storage Options: With the spare tire moved, the space underneath the van can be utilized for water tanks or an auxiliary fuel tank, maximizing your vehicle’s storage capability.
  • Convenient and Practical: This carrier not only simplifies tire changes but also enhances the overall utility of your Sprinter van. A single 19mm lug nut (same size as the Sprinter lug bolts) holds the wheel against the carrier while the bottom shelf supports the weight.

The OX Tire Carrier seamlessly integrates with your Sprinter tire setup, transforming your vehicle. Furthermore, it becomes more practical and ready for any journey. It streamlines the process of changing tires, saving you time and effort during those unexpected flat tire situations.

Opt for the OX Tire Carrier as your Sprinter rear door spare tire mount to ensure that your journeys are as smooth as possible. It’s not just a tire carrier; it's a significant upgrade for any Sprinter van, combining convenience, accessibility, and smart storage solutions. Get ready to redefine your travel experience with this essential addition to your Sprinter van.

Please note: 

  • The Ox Rear Door Carrier is sold separately.
  • Due to a lack of published data from Mercedes Benz, BACKLAND is unable to provide guaranteed load-bearing specifications for the rear door hinges on the Sprinter van.


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Handmade in Alberta, Canada

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$446.00 USD
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Product Details

What is included in the box:

One OX Tire Carrier, stainless steel rod and 19mm coupling nut (same as size as Mercedes lug bolts), all mounting hardware to install on your OX Carrier.

What it’s made of:

3/16" powder coated aluminum
 and stainless steel mounting rod.


OX Tire Carrier with hardware: 11 lbs

Installation Video: