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APEX Series Rock Sliders / Side Steps - 170 - Regular

APEX Series Rock Sliders / Side Steps - 170 - Regular

The Apex Series Rock Sliders are more than side steps. They are 6 inches lower than your interior step, designed to help you get in and out of your Sprinter easily. If you are looking for an even lower step, look at our Drop Down version. With its nonslip INDY Protective Coating, these sliders will significantly protect your investment.

Created for Overlanders like you, they are installed just under the rocker panels, covering the pinch seam and maximizing ground clearance. They are a must to protect your vehicle, even if you don’t drive off roads. These 7" wide full-length, rugged steel rock sliders will keep rocks, stumps and other objects away from your van preventing panel damage. It will also protect your vehicle from stone chips that will turn into rust spots. Notice that they are bent to follow the curves of the rocker panels. If you already own a ladder that is mounted to the pinch seam, we offer a shorter version of the Rock Slider (please contact our team for more information).

In addition to their other benefits, the Apex Series Rock Sliders serve as a crucial protective measure for your Sprinter van. Mechanics commonly use the pinch seam as a lifting point, which often leads to structural damage, resulting in costly repairs and potential safety issues for your Sprinter. These rock sliders are designed and reinforced to handle the weight of the van when lifted, ensuring that no harm comes to the pinch seam or the vehicle's structural integrity.

The Rock Sliders are a perfect match to our IBEX side ladder, as it works as your first step.

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Handmade in Alberta, Canada

We ship to all locations across Canada 🇨🇦 and the USA 🇺🇸




What is included in the box:

• 1 Set of Rock Sliders (2 Rock Sliders Included)
• All Necessary Hardware & Mounting Brackets

* Our Rock Sliders are not installed using factory holes.
* If you think your water or fuel tank would interfere with installation - Contact us for custom brackets.

What it’s made of:

• Rugged Canadian Steel


APEX Rock Slider set 170: 155lbs

$1,870.00 USD
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